Mathematics Teacher’s Manual Grade 3 PDF Free Download

Mathematics Teacher’s Manual Grade 3

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Table of Contents
Teacher’s Manual Mathematics Grade 3

ContentPage Number
Table of ContentsII
Secretary’s MessageIII
How to use the Teacher’s ManualIV
Unit 1. Addition and Subtraction 11
Unit 2. Addition and Subtraction 234
Unit 3. Multiplication 161
Unit 4. Multiplication 272
Unit 5. Thinking about How to Calculate88
Unit 6. Duration and Time91
Unit 7. Multiplication in Vertical Form103
Unit 8. Division119
Unit 9. Division with Remainders135
Unit 10. Circles and Spheres149
Unit 11. Large Numbers163
Unit 12. Length183
Unit 13. Triangles197
Unit 14. Tables and Graphs221
Unit 15. Multiplication of 2-digit Numbers235
Unit 16. Weight255
Unit 17. Fractions275
Unit 18. Math Sentences Using the289
Unit 19. Using Money in our life299
Unit 20. Summary of Grade 3309


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